About Us


Tatva Botancials was founded with the aim of implementing modern and scientific techniques to transform cultivation methods and maximize farm yield. Rising demand for herbal products has led to increasing cultivation of herbal crops which has helped farmers across the country to increase income from farm lands.


We strive to support farmers wherever our activities take place. Logistics is a key part of our business enabling farmers to access new markets as well as technical support for cultivating new and lucrative crops.

Mission Statement


Tatva Botanicals is an agriculture company dedicated to implement modern technology and methods for producing not only high quality agriculture output for our customers but also high yields for creating better economics for the company keeping in mind the significance of sustainability.

We strive to spread knowledge and awareness in the local communities that we are associated with and strive to create a positive economic footprint.

Group Background

Tatva Botanicals is a branch of the Golyan Group of companies which was established in 1938. We have established ourselves in manufacturing, real-estate and commodities trading. The group is multinational and has operations in several countries throughout the world.

We seek to accomplish positive growth by focusing on things that matter to us:

Our vision is to expand our portfolio to sectors that we believe we can improve with our services. We seek to expand our portfolio by anticipating and satisfying our partner's needs. We listen to what people want, learn how to make it available and present to them a solution.