Consulting and Farm Management

Project Report

Our team of qualified professionals can create project reports for a wide range of projects including Herbal, Orchards and Timber. We can provide consulting solutions for a wide range of agricultural products. 

Project Reports are prerequisite for taking the decision for setting up of any industry/project and is first and foremost requirement for taking Bank Finance. It is often found that Entrepreneurs, Chartered Accountants, Bank Officials, Management Consultants face problems due to non availability of Project Profiles of potential items. To bridge this information gap we are pleased to introduce our new collection of Detailed Project Reports.  

Each Detailed Project Report prepared by our agriculture consultants covers detailed Market Survey cum Techno-economic Survey Report, latest figures of demand & supply, manufacturing process and lots of other relevant information. Financial part of the Report covers seven year’s projections including all the relevant schedules, Technical & Financial Viability of Project, Fund Flow, Ratio Analysis, Balance Sheet and Projected Profitability Statements, Financial Parameters, etc. Project Reports are prepared and analyzed by the Professionals and are far more detailed, accurate and informative than the Project Reports generally available in the Market. 

We can provide solutions to transform barren land into the most lush plantations including desert areas as well as lands affected by floods and seasonal rainfall.


  • Soil Testing conducted before any new plantation. Nutrient deficiencies and pH level to be addressed at pre-planting stage
  • Appropriate procedures for planting reduces mortality rate. Boosters and pesticides to be applied at this stage
  • Irrigation as per crop requirement and season. 
  • Installation of pipes including flood and drip irrigation
  • Timely application of organic and inorganic fertilizers using foliar spray to maximize efficiency
  • Application of Nutrients, Secondary Nutrients and Micronutrients
  • Timely application of organic growth promoters and hormones
  • Weeding using combination of weedicides and tools to mitigate the growth of weeds economically

Services Offered

  • Farm management and development
  • Contract farming
  • Soil Testing and land report
  • Medicinal Herbs Plantation
  • Fruit Orchards Plantation
  • Farm modernization
  • Project report based on soil and climatic conditions
  • Irrigation management
  • Nursery development
  • Supply of planting material
  • Polyhouse development
  • Buyback scheme for small scale farmers