Contract Farming

Contract Farming

We have a vast network of farmers and suppliers across India engaged in contract farming with whom we are closely associated to meet the growing demand of herbal medicines in the market. 

Cultivation of Herbal products can be done in a vast variety of soil types and climatic conditions. It is also suitable for barren lands, sandy soils and regions in with acute water shortage. We provide assistance in plantation management.

We also offer buyback scheme for Shatavari. The cultivation of Shatavari has become popular amongst farmers looking to increase farm income.

Shatavari Roots (Wet and Dry)

We are buyers of Shatavari roots both wet and dry. 

We also provide assistance to farmers for processing and marketing of their crop.

Herbal Crops

Farming of Herbal crops is a good alternative for farmers as it can provide better opportunities and income compared to traditional crops. We provide complete solutions for any farmer associated with us.

We purchase many herbal crops such as shatavari, sarpagandha, akarkara, tulsi etc. directly from farmers.

The risk of crop loss due to climatic conditions including excessive rainfall and drought is much lower in Herbal crops.